I have to thank you for having saved me.


I have to thank you for having saved me!

How strange may it sound to say such weard thing when talking about cancer. For my personal experience it is the truth.

On this #WorldCancerDay2022 I have to admit that the life-threatening fact of a cancer diagnosis in August 2013 has not only completely changed my way of living but it has first and foremost shown me in the most crucial way that at that time I had gone far over my physical limits, I had neglected any signs of my body and I had not taken enough care of myself.

Being able to write these words is such a precious gift, such a beautiful second chance to make things better. During my rehabilitation cure in Freiburg I was told : “ go on, you have a mission to complete”. At that time I had no clue of the meaning of these words.

Today I know.

I am here to show that you can survive breast cancer.
I am here to raise awareness on how to react when your body is sending you signals.
I am here to talk about breast cancer and how it affects not only your life but also family and friends around.

It may sound very strange but the cancer experience gave a meaning to my existence.


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