S.O.S. from Naya!: can anyone stop my crazy mum from putting me H.S. (K.O.)? What a day!

We started more or less relaxing. I succeeded to sleep closer to my mum than last night, right next to her bed (not sure she will allow that again…).

No breakfast, straight away on a 2 hours walk. She had found a new way through the forest, a bunch of interesting smells… and I saw a rabbit! Tried to catch him but in vain. NEXT TIME!

I was running and running and running, such a fun!

Back home we both needed a nap, a long one. I was to tired to eat, mum wasn’t happy about that. She tried to convince me with yoghurt in my dry food. I made an effort and emptied half of the bowl.

Later in the afternoon I was allowed to go on the balcony. She put water in the plants out there, was funny to drink it. She explained it was not for me but for the flowers, pffff.

And than she did something strange … Putting a cream on shoes and cleaning with a brush. Is anyone doing this outside this place? I loved the brush but there again she was not agreeing. In fact we had some argues today. Hope it goes better tomorrow.
In the evening she played with me, that was the nicest part of the day. Now I am sleeping, need new energy in case that crazy lady will take me tomorrow again on exhausting trips.

Have a peaceful night out there! Naya


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