24 h neues Zuhause – Naya’s Tagebuch.


My first 24 hours in Lululand… not that bad in fact.

Well… quite rainy and cold here compared to Porto but I already found new friends, one of them had huge huge ears! There are green hills here all over and an interesting forest with trees I can jump on.

I slept in my transport box until 7h30. Strange music was waking me up, I suppose it’s my mum’s wake-up call… we’ll have to discuss music style!

I went to a pet shop today, kids cuddled me there and I got weird dog-cakes, pffff… I like chicken, especially the one in my mum’s dinner!

Also I met our neighbours, a lovely lady who will take me out from time to time, very nice person.

This afternoon I was not very happy because I needed to wait 20 minutes in the car… apparently some urgent letters had to be posted and bank transfers to be done. No clue what this is all about. I don’t need this!

It was my grand-ma’s birthday today. I don’t know her yet but she offered me a little welcome teddy and we call him “Moni”, like her first name. She spoiled me already with a lot of things… I got really nice towels and a blanket she used 40 years ago when my mum was born.
All in all, I think I could be happy here but for tonight I am just sooooooooo tired. I asked my personal assistant to write this message, I am in dog-dream-world already. To all of you a peaceful and relaxing night!!! Naya 💕

PS: if my PA finds time she will translate the text to DE & FR… asap


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