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When Oscar mets Naya.


Nun ist er da! Unser Charming Vagabonds Éireann Oscar!

Ein intensiver Road-Trip von 1600 km in 48h… jeder einzelne davon war es wert!

Naya hat nach anfänglichem “Zicken-Manöver” nun doch gemerkt, dass sie noch genauso wichtig ist wie vorher und die ersten Annäherungsversuche gestalten sich positiv.

Wir sind absolut verzaubert von unserem kleinen Kerlchen und sagen ein herzliches Danke an Tanja Pankotsch http://www.charmingvagabonds.com und an Alexandra in Belgien http://www.oakdene.be für den männlichen Teil dieses wundervollen Abenteuers !



Endlich mal wieder schlechtes Wetter! Endlich mal wieder ohne schlechtem Gewissen etwas länger im Bett bleiben können. Gehört sich ja nicht, wenn draußen die Sonne scheint. Auch Fellnase Naya profitiert davon… denn dann gibt es extra Knuddelzeit für Samtpfoten.

Und außerdem ist Sonntag! Ausruhen und Faulenzen erlaubt!

Luft & Liebe.


Lange dachte ich, dass ist nur so eine Floskel aber nun werde ich eines besseren belehrt.

Ja, man (frau) kann davon leben!

Seit in seit Ewigkeiten nicht mehr Sonntag morgens um 7 Uhr aufgestanden, und schon gar nicht um dann eine Stunde spazieren zu gehen. Und ich hab auch seit Ewigkeiten nicht so viele Kuscheleinheiten bekommen wie von dieser kleinen Lady.

Noch ist alles sehr neu, sowohl für mich als auch für sie aber Tag für Tag lernen wir beide, uns zu kennen. Nie hätte ich gedacht, dass man sich so schnell an einen Vierbeiner gewöhnen kann. Wir brauchen uns beide, denke ich. Naya ist für mich sowohl physisch als auch mental ein guter Therapeut und ich bin guter und wichtiger Versorger… kein schlechter Deal.

Vor zwei Jahren um die Zeit kam ich aus meiner vorletzten Chemo, wenn mir damals jemand prophezeit hätte, dass in 48 Monaten eine kleine Hundedame meine nächste grosse Liebe wird, hätt ich wohl den Vogel gezeigt… tja, manchmal geht das Leben eigenartige Wege.

PS: Ich verspreche, dies wird nun kein Hunde-Blog aber momentan hat sie einfach mal Priorität 🙂


100km/h … my legs are hurting me!


Hey everyone out there! Here I am again with some news from my first week-end at my new place… an exciting and exhausting one.

Yesterday afternoon I really thought about taking the next flight back to Porto to have some holiday and to discuss with my charming God-mother on her choice of my mum! Finally I decided to give her another chance… she is not that bad in fact.

I made a lot of new friends the last 48 hours!

Like Christine, my new vet – a very nice lady (at least I thought so until she bothered me with cleaning my ears, I hate it!) She told my mum a few things to take care of… sounded like Chinese to me!

I have been to France, can you imagine? My mum took me to Margot and family, her little God-daughter. They were so happy to see me! The kids were nearly fighting to be the first to cuddle me and take me out. We went to a playground with even more kids and… balls, some of them were even in the air, I tried to catch them but than they disappeared, strange strange!

Margot and her sister came back with us, 4 girls in the car, what fun!

Before going to bed my mum had a weird idea… she put me on a pyjama and some cream on my belly. I am not allowed to leak she told me… ok ok but don’t laugh on me with my green pyjama!

I don’t know what hit her but Sunday morning at 7h30 she woke me up for a walk and even worse a jogging. Someone has to explain her again that I am not used to get up that early!

There was only one other crazy guy out there with two dogs… Don’t like them… They completely ignored me!

Imagine!!! It was nearly not raining during the morning but still everything was wet and as I like to jump and run on the fields I was a little dirty! Mum was not pleased, that crazy person decided to wash me in her bath. That was the most unpleasant thing of my whole life… Even worse than cleaning ears. She asked to be “lieb” and “ruhig” und “brav”… I just wanted to escape. My revenge … When trying my hair I put water all over, hihihi! That will teach her not to shower me, pfff.

We went back to this amazing forest and on our way I could play with my blue ball I got from my God-mother. I love to run after it and I even bring it back. What fun, especially as I am allowed to run like Forest Gump, I will register for the next marathon!

I am a good girl, that’s at least what I get told most of the day. My mum is pleased as I already learned to sit down when she wants me to do so. I get some nice “Leckerli” in exchange….

Take good care all of you, talk to you soon! Naya

24 h neues Zuhause – Naya’s Tagebuch.


My first 24 hours in Lululand… not that bad in fact.

Well… quite rainy and cold here compared to Porto but I already found new friends, one of them had huge huge ears! There are green hills here all over and an interesting forest with trees I can jump on.

I slept in my transport box until 7h30. Strange music was waking me up, I suppose it’s my mum’s wake-up call… we’ll have to discuss music style!

I went to a pet shop today, kids cuddled me there and I got weird dog-cakes, pffff… I like chicken, especially the one in my mum’s dinner!

Also I met our neighbours, a lovely lady who will take me out from time to time, very nice person.

This afternoon I was not very happy because I needed to wait 20 minutes in the car… apparently some urgent letters had to be posted and bank transfers to be done. No clue what this is all about. I don’t need this!

It was my grand-ma’s birthday today. I don’t know her yet but she offered me a little welcome teddy and we call him “Moni”, like her first name. She spoiled me already with a lot of things… I got really nice towels and a blanket she used 40 years ago when my mum was born.
All in all, I think I could be happy here but for tonight I am just sooooooooo tired. I asked my personal assistant to write this message, I am in dog-dream-world already. To all of you a peaceful and relaxing night!!! Naya 💕

PS: if my PA finds time she will translate the text to DE & FR… asap

21 Tage Ewigkeit. 21 jours d’éternité.


Das Warten hat ein Ende. Der große Tag ist endlich da. Heute Abend um 22h45 landet meine kleine Naya in Luxembourg. Ein neues Kapitel in meinem Leben beginnt!

Fini d’attendre. Le grand jour enfin arrivé. Ce soir à 22h45 ma petite Naya atterrira à Luxembourg. Un nouveau chapitre de ma vie commence!