9 Tage, 9 Monate, 9.1., 9.7. – unsere Zahl.


Today is a special day… I am 9 months old!

My 9 last days feel like years… I have discovered so many things and I feel much better than at the beginning in my new place. I think my new mum was a bit nervous to do everything right, she’s very kind but sometimes she is asking me to behave in a way I don’t like at all.
I eat dog food now every day, I have my own room where I sleep every night alone without crying. Every time after a walk I stay at the front door and wait patiently to get cleaned. Sometimes I even fall asleep.

We went to a lovely little garden where I saw my first rainbow here and some huge snails. Yesterday we went on a walk with a lady who had 3 dogs, one of them came from Lisabonne… Finally someone is speaking Portuguese 😉

We already had a walk this morning very early, beautiful weather but so cold on my little feets!

Wishing you a sunny week-end! Naya


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