Aus meinem Leben. Zeilen an einen Freund.


“My dear friend, … Today is a special day in my life and in history as 26 years ago the wall came down. I would not be in Luxembourg without this unique event and I will always remember this day. We were watching television in the evening, I had my 2-month-old brother in my arms and all of the sudden in the news they told us that if we want we can go to West-Germany as the border is open. We thought they were kidding but as we already had west-tv they confirmed the story and we saw first pictures from Berlin where people crossed the border crying, laughing… The next morning 5 of my classmates were missing, they had left our town the same evening with their families as we all thought they will close the border again after some days. But no… ”

Grateful that this day exists in German history!


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