Remember and honour. A strong message on International Woman’s Day.


Ich möchte heute eine Nachricht teilen die mich sehr berührt hat.

Message from the President of Europa Donna on the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day:

“Dear Friends and members of Europa Donna.

As we are upon the International Woman’s day on this 8th of March, let’s dedicate this day to all women. And let’s remember the women who were brave enough in their different missions in life, to accomplish achievements much of what we enjoy today.

Let’s remember those who rose through adversity, illness and pain and gave us invaluable life lessons so that our life paths can have more direction.

Let’s also remember the women who come to face breast cancer, those we lost and our promise to fight for further advancements in the medical world, those who are now going through breast cancer and remind them that we are standing by them and support them. We are committed to make their journey through breast cancer as tolerable as possible and to direct our efforts towards access to best treatments.

And at the same time let’s rejoice with those who are continuing their lives after their experience with breast cancer.

With all the women in our minds, Europa Donna wants to join you on this Woman’s Day, in wishing every woman a healthy and fulfilling life, full of courage, compassion and fighting spirit.

I wish to all of you successful events on this day.”

Evi Papadopoulos


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